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RI068 - Hotel Staff Accommodation on Plot 811-1445, Warsan 3, Dubai, UAE
WASL Asset Management
United Arab Emirates
2017 - 2018

Procurement and Construction of the  infrastructure package including road works, for Hotel Staff Accommodation on Plot 811-1445, in Warsan 3, Dubai, located approximately 3 kms to the West from Academic City and 4 Kms to the South from Dragon Mart.The scope for the civil and infrastructure  project consists of  excavation & backfilling for the roads ( roads and paving) and utility works, construction of Internal roads, parking and tie ins with existing roads, electrical network, road lighting system, storm water drainage system, irrigation system, sewerage system, firefighting network, potable water network, telecommunication network, irrigation and firefighting pump station and sewage treatment plant (STP) and related works.