Our Company
Road construction
KAD Construction possesses capabilities in diverse disciplines, specializing in pipeline construction; earthworks, infrastructure and roads, and high voltage overhead power transmissions lines. KAD has developed a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget constraints.

Our mission is to build pipelines with a reputation for quality work, focus always on customer satisfaction.

KAD is a multi-disciplinary construction company which has expanded its operation with hundreds of employees and strategic infrastructure projects to become one of the most reliable contracting companies in the region. KAD’s success and special relationships with its clients led to long term alliances supported by local and international expertise.  KAD has carved out a reputation as an industry leader and innovator in some of the most technically challenging and advanced areas in the highly specialized pipeline construction field.

Company Profile

Pipe line construction
KAD’s strength is founded after winning the contract for the mountain area of the Pipeline Project which was considered to be one of the toughest in execution due to the nature of the mountains, KAD earned value and renown. Our force resides in the managerial links with big multinationals that give us the possibility of having machinery specialized for the different types of constructions with a low cost as well as the access to technical detailed information about materials or technologies.

Many of the company's greatest successes have been achieved in remote locations throughout Fujairah in some of the most difficult and remote pipeline territory, where adverse conditions and lack of infrastructure have demanded special ingenuity. The very specialized nature of the projects undertaken by KAD has required investment in an extensive array of modern, well maintained plant and equipment that can be mobilized to any location internationally.

Due to the nature and intensity of the works undertaken, KAD has a highly experienced team of qualified professionals who can tackle any obstacle or challenge that they may encounter. KAD’s portfolio of projects was a result of high end execution using top machinery & manpower in record periods which led to the executions of the hardest projects in the region.

For the future, strong management, technological advancement and astute planning will assure KAD’s continued growth in high quality multi-disciplinary pipeline construction services to the region.

Continuous up gradation of our technical expertise through developing manpower skills, procedures, and engineering, and implementing latest technology to set up a classic work culture and remain the leader in the construction industry.
  Mission Statement
To provide customers worldwide with technology based engineering services and products, serving the construction industries through our global network of employees, while keeping customer satisfaction, environment and safety at the forefront.
  Our Aims
  • KAD is committed to the highest technical quality, with maximum operational value to clients. The company is accredited to Quality Systems for Production and Installation.
  • Quality of service, installation and research and development programs remain our main objectives.
  • KAD is safety orientated with ongoing training, policies and procedures in place, and has the has the resources required to construct and maintain pipelines, including fully dedicated Safety, Quality Assurance, and Projects Departments.
  • Our success depends on the timely completion and delivery of our products and services to our customers where we supply a level of quality and value for money that meets or exceeds our customer's requirements.
  • This is achieved through a dedicated, productive and accountable workforce that is prepared to accept responsibility for the work that they perform.
  • To employ the best industry practice and strive for excellence through total and continuous improved innovation.